October 22 - Mapleton City Fall Community Cleanup

Maple Mountain Baseball Knocks Community Service Out of the Park at Mapleton City's Fall Cleanup

On the crisp morning of October 22, 2023, the Maple Mountain Baseball team traded their bats for rakes and gloves, stepping out of the diamond and into the heart of the community at Mapleton City's Fall Cleanup Day. With a vigor rivaling that of a championship game, players, coaches, and families from the Maple Mountain Baseball family pitched in to rejuvenate Main City Park.

The park, a centerpiece for community gatherings and outdoor fun, was in need of some tender loving care after the fall season. True to their team spirit, the Maple Mountain volunteers dove into the task, clearing tree limbs and leaves with the precision of a well-executed double play.

In a special display of holiday spirit, the boys also took on the festive task of wrapping Christmas lights around the park's trees. Their teamwork shone as brightly as the lights they meticulously strung, transforming the park into a twinkling wonderland in anticipation of the festive season. It was a beautiful reminder that the joy of baseball and the joy of giving back are both lights in the community, guiding us towards unity and celebration.

The baseball diamonds, the sacred ground where many innings have been played, received a makeover as well. Volunteers swept the dugouts, pulled weeds, and edged the infield transition, leaving them as spotless as a freshly chalked batter's box.

As the day came to a close, the Maple Mountain Baseball family had not only cleaned up the park but had also wrapped it in a ribbon of community and festive cheer. It was a grand slam of service, leaving behind a legacy of joy, unity, and readiness for the upcoming holiday season.

In the game of baseball, as in the game of life, every small act counts. On that day, the Maple Mountain Baseball team proved that whether it’s on the field or in the heart of the community, they are ready to step up to the plate and deliver.


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