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Hey, Baseball Enthusiasts!

Are you passionate about baseball? Do you relish the thrill of the game and the spirit of community it fosters? If yes, it's your turn to step up to the plate!

Become a part of the Maple Mountain Baseball Booster Club and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our young athletes. Your involvement can make a monumental difference – not just in the games, but in the lives of our students, parents, fans, and the community at large.

Why Join?

  • Community Impact: Your support extends far beyond the diamond – it's about building character, discipline, and teamwork.
  • Enhance the Experience: Help us organize events that turn games into memorable experiences for everyone involved.
  • Youth Development: Be a part of nurturing young talent, instilling values, and preparing them for life's grand slams.

Your Role Matters! Whether you're a wizard at organizing, a maestro of fundraising, or simply brimming with spirit and ideas, your contribution is invaluable. Let's collaborate to hit a home run for our team and community!

Join our Monthly Member Meeting

Together, let's swing for the fences and build a legacy of excellence, both on and off the field!

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Maple Mountain Baseball Booster Club

Building Champions, Fostering Community.

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